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January 25, 2016
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February 15, 2016
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Deadpool; The Merc With A Mouth And Breaking All The Rules

Deadpool done right is profane beyond measure. Crude, full of blood, guts and mutilation, with a dialogue like Full Metal Jacket. 

They nailed it!

I had my doubts–think Green Lantern, Electra, every Spider Man movie ever–but I reserved my black, double-wide recliner and settled in anyway.

Captain America, Iron Man and even X-men ( Wolverine should stab more people) delivered quaility stories with brilliant actors. But this isn’t a soilder with a sheild, this is The Merc with a Mouth, who would blame them if they went just a little soft?

We would!

We’re not just sick of comic book movies that don’t respect the characters or the fans, we’re sick of stellar stories going untold because they were first published in less than respected mediums (or at least a medium that’s fought too long to gain the respect it has). I’m not sure who said it, but it goes something like the real story in comics happens between each panel, not the panel itself. It’s the reader who dreams the action.

After 20-minutes of F-bombs and red and black spandex I felt cheated, again, like many before me. Guys who grew up on comics and asked for years to see them on the big screen. Not the hokey, made for children disasters we got, but comic book movies right from the pages of the books that inspired them. Books we said would be instant hits if they told the story straight. We’ve always known movies like Deadpool, done right, would rule the box office; what took you so long to believe us?

Today’s big screen versions of Thor, Iron Man and Captain America are irreplaceable, masterfully written doppelgängers coordinated with their print personas perfectly. Even so, compared to Deadpool, the Avengers are cool ranch and he’s the hot wings. It doesn’t make one better than the other, that’s why we have so many heroes and why I like Colossus and you like Beast. We’re different and so is our definition of hero.

What makes Deadpool an instant classic, a hit beyond measure and a once in a lifetime experience? The risk. Each and every producer, actor and writer could have taken the easy way out, went for PG-13 and slept easy while earning interest on the shattered expectations of a generation. Instead, they grew a pair and taught a valuable life lesson in the process: Success is telling the story straight, even if it may cost ya.

Oh, and teabag bad guys … do that too.



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