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February 14, 2016
Loving To Do Something Doesn’t Make It Easy.
February 15, 2016
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Do It Everyday

Everywhere I went I carried a sketch pad and showed my utter lack of talent to everyone.

Some humored me, others didn’t get it, and the ones I remember most told me I should try something else—maybe wrestling, they said.

I drew anyway.

Everyday I practiced and everyday I showed off my work. I never got as good as my friend, but I got better, nothing to bank a future on, but the lesson was simple enough for a kid; if you want to be an artist, practice everyday and show off your shit no matter how much it sucks.

When I started writing that was my edge. I sucked, just like I did when I started sketching, but I knew the only way for a no-talent, wannabe wordsmith like myself to ever be worth a damn was to write all the time and show everyone I could.

Since, I’ve published thousands of articles and deleted thousands more. Sometimes I wish the secret was sexy and that writing pretty sentences was as easy as it sounds, and for some maybe it is, but for me, it’s doing it every damn day and putting it on display to be picked apart by critics who wish they were artists.


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