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January 9, 2016
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January 25, 2016
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Give Me Impossible

Before breakfast I do one worthless thing.

A youtube clip, articles that say nothing, answer emails … oh God the emails.

Carroll dreamed six impossible things before breakfast; Wonderland, Cheshire Cats, Jabberwockys and more. And here I am watching videos about cats, honest to goodness cats.

Today it’s comedy, tomorrow it may be weightlifting and the day after that it may be something about movies. It lasts six-minutes or less and makes me feel as guilty as thinking about sex in church.

Get up earlier, I tell myself, plan for that one worthless thing the way Carroll planned for impossible things.

When morning finally comes I hit snooze. Dear God, I pray, guide my hand. Give me impossible things, like the ones you gave Carroll. Or just give me different, God; I’ll settle for something, anything, that doesn’t look like yesterday.


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