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February 15, 2016
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February 22, 2016
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Loving To Do Something Doesn’t Make It Easy.

For nearly a decade I worked for free.

Not because I’m selfless or hate money, because it was the only way and CrossFit is worth it.

A decade is a long time. Plenty long enough to change how you feel about those around you, the ones unwilling to sacrifice for what they love.

The ones who feel life owes them are the worst. Life doesn’t owe you shit.

When your passionate about something you go hungry. Vacations aren’t a thing anymore, the movies are something you used to do and restaurants are where rich people eat. It’s not that those things are lost forever or professionals don’t deserve generous compensation for their services, it’s that, sadly, most people aren’t suited to follow passion because they don’t understand commitment.

Passion is sacrifice. Passion is hunger and misfortune and unpredictable.

Make no mistake, loving to do something doesn’t make it easy. If you want simple, if you need comfort and certainty, stay as far away from your passion as you can.


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